Prix Fixe

$25 per hour + mileage for minimum 20 hours per week

A la Carte*

$30 per hour or market priced + mileage

Welcome to Deb’s Get it Done Café, where the goal is to satisfy your hunger for help, when and where you need it.

Comfort Food

Email – a blend of all your accounts, neatly organized and filtered, so you won’t miss the important people, or events that need your attention most. Never miss another invitation or opportunity! This dish can be customized with signatures and responses that are pre-scripted, or let our chef decide! The flavor of your brand will always shine through no matter what you choose!

Errands – When you just need someone else to be somewhere you can’t be. Whether it’s the dry cleaner, the printer, the fishmonger, or the photo shoot, I’ll be there when you can’t. Pets need care, or a trip to the vet? I’m pet-friendly too. A staple service, always stylishly presented!

Event Coordination & Planning – phone calls, research, calendar maintenance, running, decorating, tearing down, venue preview/review, travel. This dish pairs well with Email, and satisfies a diverse range of needs. Great for sharing with your “dining” partners!

Chef Specialties

Research – need a question answered, a resource found (human or otherwise), or the best of the best of something? I’ll find it, or him, or her, or whatever it is. Using technology, networking, and good old-fashioned pavement pounding if necessary, I’ll do the searching, so you can do the creating or informing. Goal: Make you look like a walking encyclopedia of taste, style, and know-how.

Brainstorming & Ideation – even the most brilliant brain needs a sounding board. Swamped, and stuck for ideas, but that deadline is looming? Feel like you’ve used the same words, or stories, and need a fresh perspective? This dish is fearless, imaginative, innovative, and tuned in to the latest trends and talk.

Food Prep & Cooking – need a prep-cook, or Sous Chef? Classically trained, and ‘21’ Club-experienced help comes in handy when you’re hungry for another pair of hands in the kitchen, or just before you get there.

Home Organization & Tidying Up – hunger for a home that looks better than you left it?  Your home should be your haven at the end of a long day. Beds made, sink and trash empty, fridge cleaned,  What about the closets, and drawers? In the mood for a little “Martha” (as in Stewart) magic? Have label-maker, will travel. Satisfy your OCD, don’t fight it. Clutter takes an emotional toll (#fact) don’t let it.

Blogging, Website Updating & Social Media Management – this dish can be served ready-to-eat,** or as raw ingredients, expertly curated or prepped for you to craft to your liking! From ideas, to outlines, to research, to editing, proofreading, and prepping for publication, whatever your appetite desires! Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and Weebly flavors available.

*Minimum order, 2 hours, travel time to job site billed if more than 10 mi. round-trip from Highland Creek

**Market priced


Terms & Conditions

  • Face time/in-person communication with client minimum once weekly for weekly contracts.
  • Preferred virtual communication is Trello, Slack, or email. SMS/iMessage for urgent or just-in-time communication only.
  • All purchases on behalf of client made with client credit cards, cash, or pre-arranged with vendors.
  • Employment status assumed to be 1099, however clients may take a 7% discount for W2 “salaried” employee status.
  • Mileage computed using Mileage IQ App for iPhone, and clients receive full accounting for their records.
  • Mileage does not include travel time to and from job site for 20 hour minimum contracts.
  • Payment terms are 100% up front, payable via Venmo or check.
  • Monthly retainer clients pay on the first of the month.
  • Pet care not billed separately for monthly retainer clients.