Collaborative Writer for Dr. Dale Archer

I worked as a collaborative writer with New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Dale Archer, managed his social media presence, and managed production of  his blog Reading Between the (Head)Lines at Psychology Today from January 2017 – March 2017.

I curated brand and audience-appropriate links daily, using Feedly and Buffer, and weekly Dr. Archer and I collaborated via phone and email to outline, research, draft and publish blog posts.

The challenge with this project initially was to update Dr. Archer’s digital brand, establish consistency across platforms, and engage his large, but dormant following.

In the first two months, we saw significant increases in engagement and reach.

My collaborative pieces were:

Love Bombing: Are You a Victim

Remembering Jodi Arias: Poster Girl for Narcissism

Declinism: Why You Think America is in Crisis

SHUTi: A New Insomnia Treatment Via the Internet

Life After Burnout



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